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Peace of mind

Oceen provides simple yet effective guided relaxations to help you relax, gain energy, overcome stress and problems on easy and natural way. Use it when you are under stress, to prepare for important meeting or simply to get clarity and focus.

Mix your own

Mix your own relaxations using our beautifully player. By combining voice recordings with music or sounds of nature you are able to create over 300 different types of relaxations. A video of your choice will help if you like a visual addition whereby literally thousands of combinations become feasible.

Let yourself be guided

Our relaxations are simple, natural, non-hypnotic, non-meditative and script free. The voice recordings offer practical guidance, helping you create an energy field, calming body and mind. During the relaxation there is no need to focus on anything or to hold any specific posture. If you have never attempted a relaxation before, you will be surprised how simple it is to benefit.

Never boring

We have wide variety of natural sounds, music and videos which you can combined with our guided relaxations. Choose the one which suits your mood, never get bored again with same old sound. New recordings are added regularly.

Never forget

Consistency is the key, therefore we have built in reminders so you can schedule your relaxations every day, make sure that you don't forget this very important task.

Make it unique

Using iTunes import option you can easily add your own audio tracks to mix them with our relaxations, expanding your library even further.

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About Us It's Nice to Meet You!

Behind Oceen project are group of people dedicated to research, practice and teach natural relaxation methods.

Gwen Hoffmann | Profile Picture

Gwen Hoffmann
Guided relaxation voice

Co-founder of Oceen and Energy Clinic Hamburg, a wellness center in 5 star Kempinski hotel. Gwen is our main guided relaxation expert.

Johny Miric | Profile Picture

Johny Miric
Project manager

Co-founder of Oceen and Energy Clinic Hamburg, a wellness center in 5 star Kempinski hotel. An overall tech and marketing guy.

Fiona McLoughlin | Profile Picture

Fiona McLoughlin
Blog post author

Blog editor in chief. An expert in providing useful tips for a healthy living.

Sophie Runciman | Profile Picture

Sophie Runciman
Supporting voice

Sophie is a new member of our team, currently in training to become guided relaxation expert.